It has been my pleasure to hunt with Clive on two different occasions, both of which have been outstanding hunts and memories that will last for a lifetime. It had long been my dream to go to Africa to hunt. I went on my first trip with Clive by myself and had an outstanding hunt and collected many trophies. On my second visit two years later I took my youngest son who was fourteen at the time and allowed him to hunt for a week. The experience that we both shared was unbelievable and something we will remember forever. Clive and his crew are responsible for making these times what they were. I would recommend without reservation anyone who has any desire to go hunting to contact Clive and have a trip of a lifetime.

Wishing you good hunting,
Dean Davis, M.D.

Dear Clive,

Just a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip with you this past summer. Dan, Walt and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. When Walt and I were there with you in August of 1999, we felt we had a great trip that would be hard to beat. Well, we brought Dan Potts back with us and you were able to top it.

We got to see a large amount of the country on the trip to the Northern Cape and back. We got to see so many of the areas we had read about in the history books. We got to experience wide variances in the climate and the side trips to the Bushman carvings were really neat. The hunting in the Northern Cape was great. We all got whatever game we wanted and a good time was had by all.

The Zululand portion was also a wonderful experience with such a beautiful property and such friendly and conscientious hosts. The country was alive with game and those great big cactus trees that add to the feeling of being some place special. The side trips to DumaZulu and then up to Kruger Park were great experiences also.

We know you went to a great deal of trouble to put all this together and we really appreciate your efforts. You went out of your way to make sure we had a good time and were well treated. The special touches like the wonderful South African wines; the great supply of soft drinks in the Land Rover; the after-dinner visits from the craftsmen; the Bushman carvings; the tents right on the electrified fence at Kruger; the negotiations with the native craftsmen along the roads; etc. all added up to an experience we will never forget. You were very conscientious towards the hunting and took into consideration what everybody’s goals were. All in all, it would be hard to ask for more from one trip. As everyone says about Africa, once you go there you always want to return. We sincerely hope we can do this with you again some day.

Bernie Parson
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This was our second trip to Africa with Clive, and this time my wife and I decided to make it a family affair with our two children, Amanda age 9 and Jamie age 6. Clive told me this trip would be better than the first, which I found hard to believe since our first trip was so incredible. But he was true to his word and we had another life changing adventure. Our kids were spoiled by the hospitality and educated by the cultural experience. It was a great way to share my passion for hunting with my family and see that passion growing within them. I collected trophies not hunted before, plus I had the thrill of watching my kids harvest their first trophies. Amanda collected a springbuck, an impala and a warthog. Jamie harvested a springbuck and two impala. I was truly impressed by Clive’s patience and attentiveness to the children as he put them in front of animals time and time again until they felt comfortable in shooting. This was not just a great hunting trip, it was a fun family adventure and a learning experience for the kids as well. Africa now has a special spot in all our hearts.

Jim Walter
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– Jim and Tammy Walter (609) 268-6554
– Henry Frehn (717) 483-6602
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