Like most fears the fears that exist in the minds of people concerning Africa are mostly unfounded. Negative press tends to rise to the surface and exaggerate situations out of proportion. Africa is a huge continent with a few very small pockets of concern. These troubled areas are very easy to avoid. The rest of Africa is a vast and expansive land of wonder and adventure.

Would you be concerned about taking a holiday to Disney World in Florida if there was a problem in Southern Mexico? Of course not!! Africa is made up of many countries and problems in one country do not necessarily affect neighboring countries. The areas you will visit are very far from danger. And your safety is assured.

I will pick you up at the airport and transport you to the areas where we will hunt. I am with you all through out your visit and I will safely transport you back to the airport for your trip home. Your safety is of utmost priority to me. I promise that you will feel very secure and comfortable in Africa. Your thoughts will quickly fade from safety issues to having the time of your life.